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The Original AOL "You've Got Mail!"
AOL 7 "Goodbye"
British Woman: "Mmmmm - You've got mail"
Sexy Chick: "Ooo, could that be email coming my way?"
Woman: "Master, I have mail for you"
Woman: "Someone would like to speak with you, Master"
Female Computer: "You have new mail"
Cowyboy: "Yippe Kiyaaay! I've got mail - Woohoo!"
Sexy Chick: "I have a special deliver for you, Big Boy! Ooo, and I see your flag is up - do you have something special for me too?"
Man: "You have mail, Mistress"
Woman: "You've got Spam!"

Magician: "Prepare to be astonished!"
Jerry Lee Lewis: "Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!"
Man: "Meow!"
Man: "Did you bring me a monkey?"
Crash Test Dummies: "Yeaaaaaah!"
James Brown: "Waaaaaow I feel good!"
The Surfaris: "Wipeout!"
George Carlin: "There's a letter in your mailbox!"
Nurse: "Medication time"
Little Girl: "Darn, that's the end"
Barbershop Quartet: "You've got some mail!"
West Indian fellow: "You are having new mail in your inbox"
Richard Nixon: "I am not a crook"
Bill Clinton: "I did not inhale"
George Bush: "Read my lips"
Army Officer: "Ten Hut!"

Door bell: "Ding-dong!"
Bicycle bell
Big Ben's hourly chime
Car alarm chirp
Car horn
Cartoon Bugout
Apartment Buzzer
Church Bells
Cuckoo Clock 1
Cuckoo Clock 2
Large Gong
Space Gun
Drum roll
Apartment buzzer
Judges gavel
Sonar pings
Celtic harp
Downwards slide whistle
Upwards slide whistle
Toilet Flush

Mentos: "Mentos - the Freshmaker!"
"Where's the BEEF!?"
"It even vibrates like real!"
"Great Googly Moogly!"
"Avon calling!"

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